Pompes funèbres de Limeil

A professional team, here to help you

Guillaume de Castellan and the Pompes Funèbres de Limeil team will handle all aspects of the funeral arrangements for you. We provide an efficient and compassionate service to families, with options to fit all budgets and constant support from our staff team. Our role is to work unobtrusively in the background to guide and advise you, and to ensure that the service you receive is tailored to your requirements.

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A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved.

– Proverb



– Stanislas S.

December 2020 –  Quote 5/5

“Gentleman welcoming, listening. We understand, guide us as best as possible, meet our needs with great professionalism. The first contact is reassuring, we quickly gain confidence and we can only be satisfied because everything is perfect both on paper and in reality. Thank you Mr. de Castellan, you have been able to form a very appreciable team for your very touching humanity which in these moments does us the greatest good.”

– Elsabeth W.

November 2020 – Quote 5/5

“Guillaume de Castellan immediately knew how to put us in confidence. His discreet professionalism, his ability to mobilize his team and his ability to listen meant that the bottling, the burial, the convoy to the cemetery, everything went smoothly, respecting the family and the deceased. Thank you to the Master of Ceremonies and her team.”

– Gérard T.

October 2020 – Quote 5/5

“During my mother’s funeral on October 29, 2020, you and your entire team assisted us with professionalism, discretion and psychology. All the wishes we had expressed were respected. Thanks to Joël, the master of ceremonies, who was able to choose the right words.”